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Flamingo Visitor Center Competition


     The Materials were chosen to keeping the identity of this place with the minimum possible change of the nature of the place, the materials of the ground permeable and there are openings on it.So it reduces the dust of after cars moving. 

     The bamboo was chosen, its available in this area ,the beauty that we take from Nature to give to nature It is a material that reduces the temperature rise 

Orientation and Wind, construction was directed as it allows natural ventilation, so choosing the northeastern and southwestern axis so that morning and evening air are allowed to pass through the building to provide natural ventilation, which reduces the use of air conditioning in a large part of the year.

Materials used in the construction, its wood, we can re-use it, which is a natural material that is not foreign to this area, and with the observance of the north in the southern part of the building, which symbolizes the flamingo beak

Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) integrated in a double glazing by lamination in order to be in the most effective and to reflect the dark color of the chosen identity. 

Water surfaces : two water surfaces were used on both sides of the building where the heat is absorbed, and then they are stored in tanks under these surfaces at night and cooled to return in the morning and give a refreshsment and cooling to the building and the place so that we avoid heating water temperature at night

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