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Urban cooling Challenge : Reduce the temperature of the urban places

The impact of the urban heat island effect in the city lead us to reduce it by using new technology systems, and materials to have thermal comfort and spend more time in outdoor spaces. All that by ensures the safety, security combained with sustainability and technological developments.

1 Turtle shape,The shape that create a permanent urban shade, in which the wind direction is taken advantage of according to the position of the opening. The floor of this shape contains a refreshment technology, which gives us a lower temperature than the surrounding area.
2 The wind ventilation system that we use it is to Pull the cold air through the wind catcher and diffuse it at the bottom of the sitting places to refreshing around it.

3 It is necessary to cover the pedestrian paths with urban canopy made of plant ropes, which give us instant shade. And climbing plants
on it to get more shaded areas and walking around most of the year.

Result: in this concept we can reduce the temperature 10 degrees less than the real temperature.

Urban Cooling

Site: Dubai-UAE

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